Q: What started me on blogging?

A: I started blogging as a way to practise writing.  I started off with a music-based blog which eventually turned into a Forum but now its back to a blog due to lack of posts. Now this music blog looks amazing and I’m trying to post every day one it. This started my obsession with blogging.

Q: How do I get ideas for this blog?

A: I felt like I was missing out on a whole world, a world I’ve only recently discovered. So as I discover this world and try to teach myself more about it, I thought it would be best to write about it. This way, I learn more and maybe gain some valuable insights as well.

Q: Why are some posts Categorised as Learnt From Hey! Nietzsche! Leave Them Kids Alone or Learnt From The Culture Club?

A: Hey! Nietzsche! Leave Them Kids Alone & The Culture Club are two amazing by Craig Schuftan which started me on my journey into the world of Culture. Hey! Nietzsche! Leave Them Kids Alone explores the connections between the Romantic Movement and Mordern Rock while The Culture Club explores the connections between Art History and Modern Society. I categorise the posts as such as a reference to where the ideas and information came from.

Q: There are some links of others blogs in my blog – do I only read these blogs?

A: I add blogs that I find interesting, but I do like to read random blogs and when I find some more interesting blogs I will add them. Normally I tag surf but I also use the WordPress Next feature to find random blogs as well

Q: Some of the post does not have any comments – Am I worried about it?

A: I’m not worried but I do like to get feedback or comments, so if you have anything to add please go ahead and do so.

Q: Is your blog in any particular order?

A: There is no order, I post the thoughts when I have them, so it may seem a bit all over the place, but then again so is my thought process

Q: Do you try to post every day?

A: I don’t think I could possible post every day. I feel I need to research thoughts before I post them, though I try to post regularly, it does depend on my time and how much research is needed.

Q: What is your background on all these topics?

A: I have none; I am still an amateur who is trying to learn these things

Q: What is your favourite research tool?

A: Wikipedia seems to be a good place to start research so I always start there. I started this blog by referring from time to time to Craig Schuftan’s books and Google queues as well.

Q: I have a question but it is not listed in the FAQ, so how?

A: Contact me with the question and I will consider adding them to this list, if not I will reply with an answer.

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