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Darkness, it swallows me up whole
Covers me in its cool, familiar feeling
Makes me feel safe
In this world I feel unsuited
But in this darkness I feel at home.

I lost my light in my room, and I felt so comfortable with it out, I just felt completely alone and isolated from the world and I wrote the above words, I don’t think it’s a poem but it’s a description of how I felt.


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I stalk the hallway, my steps were light and my breaths shallow. I can feel my heart pounding blood through my veins, the blood feels warm as it rushes to every inch of my body. My finger tips and toes tingled, I felt a shiver run up my spine. Thoughts come flooding in ‘What am I doing?’ ‘Is this a mistake’ ‘What if I fuck up?’ These thoughts taunt me, but I block them out to the best of my ability. I was on a mission, I need to reach that goal, I mustn’t fail.

This hallway felt so dreary and had a smell of musk in the air, it was dusty and yet it was constantly used, not by anyone important, they all seemed like lifeless drones, granted they didn’t dress that way. The men all so casual with the way they dressed, like they didn’t care about anything but themselves and, yes, that was truly the case. The women on the other hand definitely cared, they cared about getting noticed, and they wore clothes that did just that, leaving nothing to the imagination and inviting unwanted remarks which left the males rejected and confused. Not that I cared, I wasn’t paying attention, I wasn’t here for the view, I was waiting for something special. In comparison these people were formless and void.

And then she appeared, almost floating through the door way, a smile the lit up the room, making it feel bright, almost like the sun just woke up. She cheerfully walked down the hall towards me. It felt like everyone had disappeared, and I felt lifeless, scared and clueless. My palms began to sweat as she walked this way. The most beautiful woman I’ve even seen, even though she didn’t show it off, it seemed more exciting trying to imagine what was underneath. She seemed to have dressed so she wouldn’t get noticed, possible wanting to be loved for more than her body, wanting to offer her mind and soul.

I had heard a lot of wonderful things about this woman but until now I was too scared to say anything. She had smiled at me in the past and I have seen her looking in my direction but I didn’t think anything of it, maybe she was just being friendly, maybe she wasn’t looking at me at all. She was getting close. I had to make my move or it will be gone again. All I could hear was footsteps and all I could see was her, her scent filled my nose that unforgettable smell of French vanilla and cocoa. Smelt good enough to eat.

She stepped closer, I had to do it, and it was now or never. My head was spinning and my heartfelt still, everything felt still, I took a deep breath and I managed to get the nerves up and let out the timidly word ‘Hello’


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I’m only happy when I dream at night,
’cause all I dream is you.
It’s the only time of the day
When I’m not feeling blue.

I dream of your love, tenderness,
And embrace…
That beautiful smile on your face.

I dream of the time we were together.
It makes me feel so good…
Really special.

When I wake you’re not around,
And I feel blue again.
But I know, when I close my eyes
At night…
I’ll dream of you again.

From a very dark place this poem sprouted, looking back at it, It’s not to bad, but I didn’t post it earlier because I didn’t feel it was a good time to post it

Dreams from the Heart

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Dreams from the heart… whisper to the soul.
You stay on my mind… wherever I go.

My body aches… to hold you through the night,
to feel you touch my face… at each morning’s light.

I want you near me… all through my life,
with a promise of staying… even through strife.

I wonder if I’ve told you… what feelings will embark?
For then you would know… these were Dreams from the Heart.

I’m not quite sure how i feel about this poem, everytime i read it, i think there should be more, but considering i havn’t posted in awhile, i will post this one


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Hiding In My Room, Like It’s My Own Corner
There I Dream, Feel And Drift Into Myself
Through It All I Feel You Against My Skin
Like The Voices That I Hear Seeping Into My Brain
No Matter Where I Go, I Never Escape
I Will Feel All Your Pain And All Your Happiness
Its Like A Poison That Will Never Heal
I Wonder Why You’re Always With Me
Although I Try Numbing Your Pain
Even If I Run In The Hope To Not Feel Anything
No Matter What Happens I Will Always Feel You
I Will Need You Always

Have you ever felt that connection with someone where you feel like they are always with you. I admit this was inspired by the song Always by The Butterfly Effect and it has some similar words

Estimation Of Goals

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Existence Seems Like It Just Drifts By
Understanding That I’m Not Making A Difference
Dreaming That Everything I Do Will Be Fulfilling
On Tenterhooks Of Leave My Mark On This World
Motivating Someone Life Making Them Struggle On
Sensing That Special Connection
Construction Character And Memories Of Ecstasy
Succeeding In The Career Choices
Viewing The Perfection Of Life You Have Made
Starting At Step One?

This poem, i’m not very happy with but its not as dark and gloomy as everything else, so i thought i would prove that i’m not all depressing. Its a poem about sitting here and watching the world pass me by and wanting to make a difference to my life


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As I Lie Here In Bed
Staring Into The Darkness
Things Start To Become Clear
Like Images Projected On My Ceiling
I See My Past, I Imagine My Future
Feels Like A Coldness Creeping Over Me
It Seems Like Nothing By An Unsolved Puzzle
I Try To Put Pieces Together, But Never Succeed
The Whole Picture Is To Abstract To Comprehend
But Then I Feel Something That Relieves Me
The Warmth Of My Blood Inside
Then I Know I’m Still Alive
I Will See The Full Picture In Due Time

Sometimes i find emotions, and thoughts just race through my head, not knowing that to make of it, i decided to let it just come out onto paper

Belligerent Myself

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As Days Drift By Me
I Wonder If My Life Is Dying
Do I Still Have Direction
Is My Love Truly Pure
Are My Emotions Controlling Me
Or Is My Mind Playing Tricks On Me

I Wonder If I’m Doing The Right Things
Or Am I Just Going From Day To Day
Remembering The Times I Aimed For My Dreams
Now They Seem So Far Out Of Reach
Numbness Feels Like It’s Only Part Of Me
Darkness Is A Word I Would Use To Describe This

I Cry Out For Something To Change This
Is There Anyone That Can Save Me
Or Am I Just Needing To Face My Destiny
And Force Myself Into Thriving
With Help Or With Out It
I Will Push To Break This Mind Set

After watching the movie Basketball Diaries, which is about a kid that got so messed up with drugs and after cleaning up went on to writing about his struggles through poetry. I felt inspired to write down my personal struggle, it may not be any good, but it was inspired and came out all at once, just how it is written, i didn’t edit it after, it seemed pure in its ruggedness


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Hearts Thumping
Emotions Weakening
Heads Whirling
Intellect’s Plummeting

Breath’s Racing
Life’s Failing
Palms Dampening
But Love Carries Me

This was the first time I ever wrote a poem, so I hope it’s alright. I think it’s a fair reflection of me. I was inspired to write poetry by someone very close to me, and i’ve been writing ever since, although its only a few days ago, its be very therapeutic, it made it easy to express myself.

Rediscovery of Writing

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I’ve found that I can become easily distracted and my writing will suffer for it. I’ve been trying to find ways to keep focus on my writing, and I think I’ve found the simplest cost effective way to do this.

Simple; One Pen and One Notepad, been carried with me at all time helps me write stuff done when I think of them and makes it harder to get rid of things I write.

You see with my writing I kept deleting and trying to re-write something that it will come out perfect. But problem with that is I lose focus on the original idea and possibly delete some material that could be used later.

Not everything I write is actually contributing to a story, a poem or something like that, I’ve been writing things to ponder, words that stick out to me and sometimes emotions. But I won’t hold back from the pages of my notepad to the pages of my blog.

Permanent reminders.