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Question Tuesday – Liebster Award

Posted August 21, 2012 by Michael @ Knowledge Lost in Question Tuesday / 0 Comments

 If you want some intelligent and interesting answers on anything crime related you should turn to blahblahblahtoby; I’ve been friends with him on Goodreads and he always has been interesting person to have in a Goodreads group. But I’ve been slack and haven’t been following his blog, so I thought I would read through some of it today and found some interesting questions he asked on a recent post. Which I thought I would answer for this week’s Question Tuesday post.

1. If the events of Purple Rose of Cairo could really happen, which movie character would you want to walk off of the screen in to your miserable little life?
Jessica Rabbit (she’s real right?)…don’t tell my wife
2. If you were marooned on another planet with a limited space hard drive on your solar powered Macbook Pro (I’m sure Steve Jobs had them working on this before he died) what three movies would you like to have in your videos folder?
This really is touch one, I think I would have Brick staring Joseph Gordon Lovett, Miller’s Crossing by the Cohen Brothers and Hot Fuzz for some light entertainment.
3. Is reading 50 Shades of Grey on public transport a badge of pride, a cry for help, a statement of sexual dissatisfaction or a label that screams “easily led by media fads”?
If it’s a fad, I want it to stop already. I think some of them think that we have no idea what they are reading and think they are getting away with it; you’re not fooling anyone.
4. If you had to live in the world of crime fiction would you prefer to be in an Agatha Christie, Raymond Chandler or Steig Larsson book?
I don’t speak Swedish so Larson is out, I don’t think I’m rich enough for Christie and I adore the 1940’s; so give me the dark, gritty world of Chandler.
5. You’re stranded for 227 days in a boat with one animal, do you think a Bengal Tiger would eat you?
Yes, on day 1
6. What superhero franchise would you give a dark and depressing Batman style reboot to on the big screen?
I’m a fan of The Punisher, I think it needs a darker, depressing film made of the franchise, the last one was too much of a blockbuster film.
7. Gotham Central is a series of comic books about the lives of the Gotham City Police Department and Death Comes To Pemberley is a detective novel set in the world of Pride & Prejudice, what fictional world would you like to see turned in to crime fiction and what type would it be?
I’ve not read any good Noir style comic books; I would like to see one set in gritty LA. Are there any out there?
8. Mint, Sage, Rosemary and Cinnamon, what flavour would you choose for your old fashioned tooth powder recipe?
Mint; only because I’m used to it with tooth paste.
9. You’re tasked with programming an independent film festival, what genre do you focus on? Documentary, Horror, Anime, Martial Arts or World Cinema?
It would have to be a film noir festival but I do like the idea of a bad film festival were people can watch terrible movies to make fun of them.
10. Witches, burn them at the stake or dunk them in the lake?
Build a bridge out of them
11. Which city in Europe would you most like to visit during the 2012 London Olympics?
I would like to go back to Spain for some food but I would have to say, I need to visit the Fatherland….for the food. I can’t help it I love German food.

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