Review Policy

I’ve started Knowledge Lost first and foremost as a way for me to talk about literature and books and also as a way to document my literary journey. While I would like to invite you to contact me regarding reviewing your book (or your client’s book) please keep in mind reading takes priority over blogging and while I’ll be happy to consider the book I can’t give any guarantees that I would read or review the book. If I do end up reading the book, I will write something about it (whether I finish it or not) on Goodreads but not necessarily on this blog.

I tend to read on a whim and while I do try to read any ARC’s before the release day and post my thoughts on the book, I can’t really guarantee this; but I will make an effort to read and review the book if it peaks my interest. Reading on a whim will mean my blog will not only feature new books but you will see classics and older books reviewed here as well.

I am happy for publishers to send me any books they wish as long as they keep in mind the above statement and know that there are no guarantees. Even if it’s a book I really want to read, I might not be able to start the book right away due to other reading commitments and therefore some advanced copies may not be reviewed till a little later.

I’m also an active user or Goodreads and Twitter so keep in mind I will be using both sites as well as this blog to talk about the books I’m reading as well as my thoughts along the way.

Having said that; anyone still interested in sending me a book to review must note that I’m an Australian book blogger so keep in mind you will have to post to North Queensland a copy of the book. I no longer accept ebooks, as I don’t enjoy the experience of reading digitally and have cut the majority of my ereading out completely. It is also recommended that you view this blog and my Goodreads profile to get an idea of what books I tend to read; this may also help you get a better idea of whether your book would be suitable for me as a reader and this site as a review.

I will try to notify you as soon as possible, letting you know if I’ve decided to read the book or not. If I do review the book, you will be notified as well.

I am currently only accepting books in translation.

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