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ArmchairBEA 2012: A Positive Experience with Books

Posted June 6, 2012 by Michael @ Knowledge Lost in ArmchairBEA / 0 Comments

While reading in itself has had a very positive experience for me personally; I think that books have helped me with make friends and get to know more people in the community. Not only has the reading made me want to blog which has been a very enjoyable experience, it’s also made me want to go to university and study a Bachelor of Arts in Literature. So while it’s helped improve myself with knowledge and as a person, it has also had a good impact on my social life too. While I consider myself an introvert, the books have made me want to get involved with my local library with all the great book events they have; and I’m hoping that this might lead to me maybe helping them out as much as they have helped me. It’s also helped me become more involved with my awesome local indie bookstore, by giving them all my money. Well, also I’ve gotten to know the wonderful people that work there and I’ve even joined their book club even if I have disliked the books that have been read there.

I like to think that my book blog is starting to get known around my local community and I would love to thank CityLibraries Townsville, Mary Who Books and ABC North Queensland for all there bookish things they do for the community and the positive impact they have had on my life as well.

ArmchairBEA is a virtual convention for book blogger who can’t attend Book Expo America and the Book Blogger Convention. Banner by Nina of Nina Reads and button by Sarah of Puss Reboots