Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

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Fool Moon by Jim ButcherTitle: Fool Moon (Goodreads)
Author: Jim Butcher
Series: The Dresden Files #2
Published: Roc, 2001
Pages: 421
Genres: Fantasy
My Copy: Personal Copy

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Harry Dresden is Chicago’s only professional wizard, so when another unusual murder happens it’s not surprised that Dresden will be dragged into the middle of it. Lt. Murphy calls on Dresden when a henchman is found murdered near a group of wolfish paw prints. A brutally mutilated corpse. Strange-looking paw prints. A full moon. Take three guesses and the first two don’t count…

Shortly following the events from Storm Front, Dresden is back to save Chicago from yet another evil force. You get the idea of how this series is structured but while this is purely escapist fiction there is something about these novels that makes me want to keep reading. While I’ve always said I’m not a fantasy fan, I do like the urban fantasy/noir style novels and Harry Dresden is probably the best protagonist I’ve found in these books.

With a new monster, it does not mean that this book will be exactly the same as the previous but the plot style does seem very much so, but it is developing characters that really stuck with me. There is this hidden desire within Dresden to use dark magic, almost like an inner sociopath just waiting to be unleashed. This is what attracts me to these series the most; I’m just waiting to see what other dark secrets we can discover about Harry Dresden while he battles the inner turmoil between good and evil.

The growing relationships between journalist Susan and Murphy are coming along nicely as well, I’m expecting one or both of these relationships to combust and I like the fact that Jim Butcher has let this slowly develop without playing his cards too soon. As for the plot; this is pretty average. Comparing Fool Moon with Storm Front, I can say this is the weaker of the two and I hope that Jim Butcher does offer something a little more in the series or I don’t think I will make it through all of them.

In between reading Storm Front and Fool Moon I watched the 2007 TV adaptation of the series which don’t seem to have any connection to the novels apart from the characters, but now I can’t help but think of Harry Dresden as looking like Paul Blackthorne. Its weird to have an English man, play a Chicago wizard in a Canadian TV show, but I think he portrayed Dresden so well that he is who I picture when reading Fool Moon.

I hope book three, Grave Peril is an improvement and offers something for me to keep reading. I don’t mind a bit of escapist fiction after reading something overly deep or dense. I have Grave Peril on my shelf so I will give it a go but if it is too much like Fool Moon, I think this is where I will leave the series. I don’t want to invest in another twelve books if it offers nothing more than just a new book, new villain situation.

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  1. Ryan

    Haven’t read this series in years, so I think it may be time for a revisit. And I agree he was great in the TV series.

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