Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart

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Super Sad True Love Story by Gary ShteyngartTitle: Super Sad True Love Story (Goodreads)
Author: Gary Shteyngart
Published: Random House, 2010
Pages: 334
Genres: Dystopia, Literary Fiction, Speculative Fiction
My Copy: Personal Copy

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While this may be a story of a modern relationship; there is so much more in the novel worth exploring. This Dystopian American back drop mixed with some very interesting concepts; including the fact everyone is ranked based on their Finances, Personality, Attractiveness and Fuckablilty, makes this a fresh and different style of novel. Gary Shteyngart offers a witty and very humorous novel but this book goes much deeper than this; I found many interesting concepts in this book, which were well thought out and made for an opportunity to make in-depth conversations based on this book.

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      • I tell it a lot so that’s why I asked.
        Emma Thompson came in to the secondhand bookshop I was working in, back when I was a bookselling novice, this was the book that she wanted and I hadn’t even heard of it. So embarrassing, especially when combined with my “starstruck” behaviour and my MILF crush on her.
        Since then I’ve sold the book multiple times based on the fact that she wanted it. People are easily led, but at least it’s good.

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