Modern Day Romantic?

Posted December 22, 2009 by Michael @ Knowledge Lost in Culture / 2 Comments

Recently I’ve discovered the concept of modern day romantics with the help of a very interesting person, Craig Schuftan. Now he wrote a book about the topic called “Hey, Nietzsche! Leave them kids alone. The Romantic movement, rock and roll, and the end of civilization as we know it.” He released a pretty good quiz on the topic.

My Results were; (which I must admit, think are pretty accurate and was very impressed with)

You are romantic to the core, but like to think you have moved beyond its limitations. You are disgusted by the shopkeeper values of modern society, and have replaced them with your own. You identify with strong romantic heroes like Napoleon, Lord Byron, Satan or Ziggy Stardust – those who push against the limits life has imposed on us, who symbolise our desire and be somehow more than human.

2 responses to “Modern Day Romantic?

  1. Malika

    what does it truely mean to be a romantic? i believe i understand your definition of it but for some reason it still feels unclear. is it something you do or a life style, or some sort of genetic mutation that only a special few have? im just a little concern that romantics have gone exstinct. i feel as if people have lost their desire for something more or, to know more, to be more! hopefully im wrong and my 15 year mind cant really understand this world im living. 🙂

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