2021 Reading and Creative Goals

Posted January 11, 2021 by Michael @ Knowledge Lost in Literature / 6 Comments

I am passionate about world literature, and I find myself wanting to share my passion in every way possible. I have this blog, I have a podcast, and sometimes I make YouTube videos and TIkToks. The problem seems to be that I want to share my passion everywhere, including social media, but I wonder if I am giving everything enough attention. I know my blogging has suffered and I think that should be my primary focus, I want to improve as a writer or an essayist. Although, the Lost in Translations podcast is covering a niche that I don’t think is getting enough attention. Having said this, I think my biggest hindrance is my own self-doubt. I am not going to improve in anyway until I give up that feeling of inadequacy and just make content, so 2021 is the year for that.

Like most book nerds, most of my goals for the year are book related, like reading bigger books more often, or re-reading some of my favourite works of literature. However, I do have the Invisible Cities project to focus more on world literature, not that I needed the help in reading translated literature. My main goals for 2021, is to make money doing something I love, and create more content. If I can work out a way to combine those two goals, that would be perfect, and I am about to release perks on the podcast patreon page to help with that, including essays, personal book recommendations, and much more. I do think I need to work at perfecting my craft and I believe if I can take away some of my own negativity, I will be able to write more, and make other content.

I attempt so many mediums because I do not see enough people sharing the joys of world literature, and it often feels like the cries for more diversity in literature often focuses on American literary scene. I love that people are putting more focus on reading diversely, and I want to help promote books that don’t get talked about. I have found my reading passion and it is world literature, but rarely see it being talked about until after I start making content. There are so many great book bloggers that review literature from all around the world, but it feels like it wasn’t till I started that I found them. It’s like the internet waits to show you all the people that are doing a better job at making content than you. The BookTube community is growing and there are many great content creators, but I feel like world literature is still a small niche in that community, so I should make the effort to promote it, even if I have never gotten comfortable in that medium. As for TikTok, I’m very new to this short video format, and the book community feels very focused on young adult literature, so my brain is telling me to make content to help it grow, but also, I just hope to find more lovers of world literature.

Basically, I am saying that I want to make more content and promote my love of world literature but also, I want should make the essay writing side of it my primary focus. I still need to write book reviews because I find that having written thoughts on a book has been very useful for my own memory. One day, I hope to develop a similar style as Alejandro Zambra, and be able to write essays that function as a book review as well, but that will take a lot of practice. I find my essays to be a great way to dump all my thoughts onto a page and process my own feelings, but I hope they are enjoyable to read as well. I will probably focus on personal essays revolving around literature to begin with, but I would love to branch out and try different topics as well, maybe film would be a safe starting place.

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  1. Okay, I followed you on TikTok! I know it’s all YA, but so was booktube in 2013… lots of room to grow. Though I have to admit I am not on TikTok for book stuff, just funny cats and things… and you won’t find me making any TikToks of my own (my kids, maybe!)
    I think I am 100% with BookTube, apart from an occaisional appearance if I really have a good reason. I watch a few select channels and comment a bit, but that’s it. I’m not very interested in it anymore. I’m trying to throw myself back into blogging as well, and blog-based events.
    I hope you keep up with the podcast! I just listened to you and Derrick talk about Crime and Punishment.

    • Yes, I joined booktube because I wasn’t seeing content that interested me, it’s one of the reasons I join TikTok. Although the bookish stuff has a long way to go, I still think it’s a good platform and the algorithm seems to be so much better than YouTube at finding stuff I actually want to watch…mostly dog videos.

      Book bloggers unit! I think this is a platform better suited for me, I hate talking and yet I seem to do it so frequently. I had so much fun talking with Derek about Crime and Punishment and hope he will make a return, who knows maybe you’ll agree to do more episodes in the future too ?

  2. I found myself nodding my head when reading this: “The BookTube community is growing and there are many great content creators, but I feel like world literature is still a small niche in that community.” You’re absolutely right. Off the top of my head, I only know of a small handful of Booktubers that promote and talk about world literature on a regular basis (you being one of them). Who are your favourites? I’d love to find some new channels to watch this year. Also, I love the idea of you offering your Patreon subscribers personalized book recommendations.

  3. Kudos to you for being such a strong advocate of world literature. It does seem to be growing – I see many more reading challenges on that theme now than I did when I started blogging nine years ago. It’s still considerably low down the popularity stakes though.

    My forays into book tube have not been very successful – most of the channels are YA focused or full of gushing presenters who just want to boast about how many review copies they’ve received. I saw you mentioned some channels that could be much more interesting – thanks for those.

    As for your challenge about where to put your focus, dare I suggest that you’re spreading yourself rather too thinly? A blog, podcast, videos and TikTok sound a lot of bases to cover.

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