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I’m curious to know if you read one book at a time or juggle books and if you do read multiple books, then how do you do it? I know some people prefer to read one book at a time and I’m not sure how they manage that; sometimes I wish I could be that focused but I read in multiple locations so it is easier to have a few books on the go at a time.

Here is how I go about juggling books. I have one book on the go while at work (normally an ebook) and an audiobook in the car. At home it depends on what I’m reading but normally a physical book and sometimes a short story collection as well. I just can’t read a short story collection the same way I would read a normal book. This is the general formula but it doesn’t always work out that way.

Sometimes a book is so heavy or slow (theoretically a big book as well) that I have two books on the go at home, as I spend most of my time reading there. Then there are those times where I dip into a book as I want to see what it’s like and then put it aside for a while. This isn’t because I didn’t like the book but I just get distracted with other books.

I’ve been very conscious about the amount of books I have on the go at once. I don’t want to fall into a trap where I have ten or more books on the go at the same time. I have had this happen and when I finish one book I always seem to prefer to start a new book than focus on the ones on the go. So I have to be careful. I would love to know how others read and what traps they seem to fall into, whether it is reading multiple books or not.

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  1. It sounds like we have similar reading styles. I’ve never been the type who can only read one book at a time. I usually have one book on my e-reader and one physical book, each one has a purpose for their location of reading. I’ve started to struggle with wanting to add a third and sometimes fourth book, but I usually try to keep my absolute max at three.

  2. Rob

    I always have one physical novel and one audio book on the go. I’ll occasionally have a comic trade and a poetry or short story collection on the bedside table as well. I just can’t do multiple of the same ‘category’, though.

  3. Kazen

    Ideally I only have one book going at a time, but if it’s long or heavy I like to break it up with something lighter. Most of my reading is from library holds so there’s an incentive not to let a title linger.

  4. Holly Coulson

    I actually find it rather hard to read more than one book at a time. I expect that if I could get into audiobooks, I’d have one of them on the go as well. I just know that if I read more than one book at a time, I’d end up with multiple unfinished books…

  5. I typically have at least 3 books going on. I have a physical book that I read at home, an ebook that I read during slow times at work and on breaks and an audiobook for when I’m doing doing household chores so that I can multi-task. I often take notes but I generally don’t have an issue differentiating them all in my head. Except for that one time I found myself reading two books at the same time that were concerning WWII. Gotta make sure the genres aren’t too similar. 🙂

  6. frellathon

    Because I’ve been horrible at reviewing lately but slowly getting back to a better routine I am now usually reading an ebook while on the bus or out and about and a book book at home in the evenings

  7. Lucy Rock

    I’m a one book at a time girl, even if I’m not enjoying that particular book. I’m just naturally very easily distracted so it wouldn’t do for me to have to many things floating around my head at once, I think I’d appreciate my given book much less. The only things I could perhaps stretch to might be poetry, short stories or non-fiction (which isn’t really a cover-to-cover affair).

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