Cybersex with George RR Martin

Posted March 16, 2012 by Michael @ Knowledge Lost in Literature / 5 Comments

I’ve now read the first two books of The Song of Ice and Fire series (also known as Game of Thrones, thanks to the TV series) by George RR Martin. While I do like the epic story that is slowly coming together in this book, I have one big issue with these books. While reading the book I feel like I’m having cybersex with a creepy old man. This old man is living out all of his fantasies on to the pages of his book and I feel very very dirty when reading it. Every sick and twisted fantasy has come alive on the pages of these books, from lactating breasts, BDSM, rape and even incest. It sometimes feels like it’s a 15 year old writing the scenes but knowing he is now 65 years old doesn’t help at all. Lines like “It tastes salty sire; like the sea” doesn’t help his case and sound very tacky. I will continue reading the series; only to keep ahead of the television series but I’m not in a hurry for more cybersex.

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  1. Steve

    Hmm, it’s strange, but I don’t recall the books being that sexual? I mean there is a lot going on, including sex at key moments. Maybe I should revisit the series, or maybe I am just jaded?

  2. Oh it’s loaded with sex and violence, rape seems to be a way of life for the characters. I stalled halfway through the third book about a year ago and haven’t gone back to it. There are too many storylines to follow, too many minor characters who get way too much page time. Martin’s a decent enough writer, but he’s no Tolkien. All these people calling him ‘the American Tolkien’ are nuts. Tolkien invented languages, Martin’s were created for him by professional linguists.

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