Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

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Gone Girl by Gillian FlynnTitle: Gone Girl (Goodreads)
Author: Gillian Flynn
Published: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2012
Pages: 442
Genres: Crime, Thriller
My Copy: Personal Copy

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I’ve been trying to review this book for a while now and it has become a real struggle. I don’t want to give any spoilers for this brilliant book so I will try my best. Advanced warning: this review may have spoilers or turn out incredible vague. When I first saw this book I kept thinking this was just another YA novel but then I noticed this book kept popping up everywhere so I thought I better read what this is about and when I did, I had to read it right away.

When Amy disappears in suspicious circumstances all eyes fall to her husband as the primary suspect. Nick claims he is innocent but the evidence is not in his favour. Did Nick kill his wife? As this novel progressed any ideas of what happened will be shattered, any presumptions you’ve made about the characters will be wrong. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a dark and twisted journey with so much unpredictability that you will be up all night trying to find out what really happened to Amy.

What I loved about this book was that you never really know what to expect. The book is told from the perspective of Nick and Amy, the diary of Amy tells the back story of their lives while the alternative chapters told from Nick takes the story from the disappearance. Slowly the pieces start to fall into place but there is always another curve ball just around the corner. The dark and psychological aspects of this novel remind me of something Jim Thompson would write but then the thriller and suspense of this book reminds me a lot of books like Before I Go to Sleep or Into the Darkest Corner.

Flynn did a brilliant job with this novel, it kept me up at night, made me want to skip work to read this book and in the end any spare time I had I was back in this book trying to find out what really happened to Amy. I wasn’t sure what I was in for and I didn’t know who to believe but in the end I enjoyed the ride. On reflection this book seemed incredibly basic with its plot but writing in a brilliant way that while reading you never have enough pieces to solve this puzzle. Highly recommend this book to any lovers of mystery and suspense.

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  1. Mish

    I read your review and immediately reserved a copy at my local library. I didn’t realise how popular this is – I’ve never had to wait for a book before but now I’m 4th in line with 2 books in circulation.

    Looks like it worth the wait though. Great review! 🙂

  2. […] and over done thriller formula. I picked up this book because I’ve heard it being compared to Gone Girl a few times and thought it was a good excuse to read some translated […]

  3. Nishita

    I just finished this book. It was great, right up to the midway point. I didn’t enjoy the twist in the tale too much, plus it felt like I had to keep changing my impressions of Nick and Amy. Basically, they just seemed to flip-flop from being nice people into incredibly awful ones. And the ending, what do I say about the ending? It was so disappointing 🙁

  4. Debbish

    I was disappointed in GG but I think it was cos it was so hyped, by the time I read it I expected something amazing! Like many I was a bit meh about the ending.

  5. frellathon

    Yup that about covers it and oddly I hate the idea of watching a move based on a book but in this case I’m curious about the adaption

  6. Silver's Reviews

    I still haven’t read this book. I must be the only one on the planet that hasn’t. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Michael! Found you in the aussie group on BookBlogging. Nice to meet you! Loved the book as well, it is the first review I’ve posted on my blog as well. I’d recommend Sharp Objects, another novel by Flynn, which I enjoyed even more than Gone Girl. The twist in this book was even more horrific and draw dropping!

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