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Book Juggling

Posted October 19, 2013 by Michael @ Knowledge Lost in Literature / 0 Comments


I’m curious to know if you read one book at a time or juggle books and if you do read multiple books, then how do you do it? I know some people prefer to read one book at a time and I’m not sure how they manage that; sometimes I wish I could be that focused but I read in multiple locations so it is easier to have a few books on the go at a time.

Here is how I go about juggling books. I have one book on the go while at work (normally an ebook) and an audiobook in the car. At home it depends on what I’m reading but normally a physical book and sometimes a short story collection as well. I just can’t read a short story collection the same way I would read a normal book. This is the general formula but it doesn’t always work out that way.

Sometimes a book is so heavy or slow (theoretically a big book as well) that I have two books on the go at home, as I spend most of my time reading there. Then there are those times where I dip into a book as I want to see what it’s like and then put it aside for a while. This isn’t because I didn’t like the book but I just get distracted with other books.

I’ve been very conscious about the amount of books I have on the go at once. I don’t want to fall into a trap where I have ten or more books on the go at the same time. I have had this happen and when I finish one book I always seem to prefer to start a new book than focus on the ones on the go. So I have to be careful. I would love to know how others read and what traps they seem to fall into, whether it is reading multiple books or not.