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2013 Reading Goals

Posted January 3, 2013 by Michael @ Knowledge Lost in Literature / 0 Comments

books4Its 2013 which means time to talk reading plans and goals; for me I have a few planned. Firstly the Literary Exploration reading challenge, in which I plan to read books in 32 different genres. I’m so excited about this challenge and can’t wait to become a more well-rounded reader. I’ve also plan to become a better reader, I’m not sure how I’m going to do this, maybe with the books I read or maybe reading slower to digest the text. While I’m not too sure how to do this I’m determined to make this a year of learning how to read better.

I’m also planning a semi book buying ban for 2013; I say semi because I will still buy books but they would have to be books needed for my book clubs or absolute essentials; for everything else, I will try the library. The idea of the book buying ban is to focus more on the books on my bookshelf and to reduce my TBR list. I will still be accepting ARCs from publishers and via NetGalley but I do plan to be more selective with the books I take.

Finally I start off every year with one simple goal; 100 books, which I did increase to 150 books in August of 2012, simply because I was flying through the books last year. But when I hit 150 books in November I decided I wouldn’t increase my goal again but I would just take the time and read some bigger books and some non-fiction. This was such a liberating feeling because I wasn’t worrying about meeting targets; I was just reading what I wanted, when I wanted.  Which doesn’t really make sense, I had nothing to worry about and I could have read what I wanted at any time during the year.  Also I’ve noticed I’m still reading at the same pace and while they aren’t all larger books or non-fiction I think December turned into my favourite month for reading in 2012; not because of the books, but just because I had no goal and I was doing it for pleasure.

So in 2013 I’m wondering if I should throw this reading goal out the window and just have a year of reading for pleasure. On the down side, I do worry that I won’t read as much as I would like. So my other option is to have a reading goal of 100 books; a nice obtainable reading goal that I don’t really need to put much worry into. I’m not really sure so I thought I would ask my readers on some insight into my reading plans and their reading goals as well.