2013 Reading Goals

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books4Its 2013 which means time to talk reading plans and goals; for me I have a few planned. Firstly the Literary Exploration reading challenge, in which I plan to read books in 32 different genres. I’m so excited about this challenge and can’t wait to become a more well-rounded reader. I’ve also plan to become a better reader, I’m not sure how I’m going to do this, maybe with the books I read or maybe reading slower to digest the text. While I’m not too sure how to do this I’m determined to make this a year of learning how to read better.

I’m also planning a semi book buying ban for 2013; I say semi because I will still buy books but they would have to be books needed for my book clubs or absolute essentials; for everything else, I will try the library. The idea of the book buying ban is to focus more on the books on my bookshelf and to reduce my TBR list. I will still be accepting ARCs from publishers and via NetGalley but I do plan to be more selective with the books I take.

Finally I start off every year with one simple goal; 100 books, which I did increase to 150 books in August of 2012, simply because I was flying through the books last year. But when I hit 150 books in November I decided I wouldn’t increase my goal again but I would just take the time and read some bigger books and some non-fiction. This was such a liberating feeling because I wasn’t worrying about meeting targets; I was just reading what I wanted, when I wanted.  Which doesn’t really make sense, I had nothing to worry about and I could have read what I wanted at any time during the year.  Also I’ve noticed I’m still reading at the same pace and while they aren’t all larger books or non-fiction I think December turned into my favourite month for reading in 2012; not because of the books, but just because I had no goal and I was doing it for pleasure.

So in 2013 I’m wondering if I should throw this reading goal out the window and just have a year of reading for pleasure. On the down side, I do worry that I won’t read as much as I would like. So my other option is to have a reading goal of 100 books; a nice obtainable reading goal that I don’t really need to put much worry into. I’m not really sure so I thought I would ask my readers on some insight into my reading plans and their reading goals as well.

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  1. Kevin Shepard

    I teach struggling readers strategies used by good readers. Annotate and track your thinking while you read. Grab a handful of sticky notes and question, predict, comment, and interact with the text. I find it more enjoyable when I do more than just read and shelf the book.

  2. It is interesting to see that while most of us do read predominantly for pleasure, the numbers do begin to pressurise us. I usually set my goal low to try and feel unpressured but this year I have increased it because it isn’t really a true goal if you are completing it by June. Only you can know exactly where you are at and should set you goals accordingly! Do what you want to do. It doesn’t matter what any of us think, The last thing you want to do is set your goals so that it is sucking all your enjoyment out of reading and blogging!

  3. Bookish_Belle

    Reading goals do seem to add pressure, I know I already am feeling it because I want to stay ahead after failing last year. It’s silly really! Good luck with your goals.

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