Question Tuesday: Have you Read a Book that has Insisted You Keep Turning Over the Page?

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I’ve never actually read a book in one sitting; this is because I’m a very slow reader and have a busy life. I still think there are a few books that make me want to keep reading. I’m talking about the books that keep calling to me in the night while I’m trying to sleep, the books that occupy my thoughts and I can’t wait to get back to the book and continue reading. There have been so many books like this, these are books that I want to always talk about and my poor wife is probably sick of hearing about but I think I might need to accompany this post with another blog post:  Top 5 Page Turners.

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  1. I feel a bit silly commenting since I’ve just written about ten tweets to you about this…and given that I run the blog that I do! I’ve found that I’ve become not so much a faster reader, but a more dedicated, determined reader since starting my site. Reading a book in one go seems to be something I’m eminently capable of now, but admittedly I do tend to review across a few niche genres that lend themselves to this–children’s book, literary novels (the short ones!), romance and mysteries.

  2. It’s is usually thrillers, suspense and mysteries I find absolutely impossible to put down but honestly I have difficulty putting almost any book down. I really should know better than starting a book just before bedtime though, it often means I am still reading at 3 and 4 am LOL

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