Rediscovery of Writing

Posted December 22, 2009 by Michael @ Knowledge Lost in Writing / 0 Comments

I’ve found that I can become easily distracted and my writing will suffer for it. I’ve been trying to find ways to keep focus on my writing, and I think I’ve found the simplest cost effective way to do this.

Simple; One Pen and One Notepad, been carried with me at all time helps me write stuff done when I think of them and makes it harder to get rid of things I write.

You see with my writing I kept deleting and trying to re-write something that it will come out perfect. But problem with that is I lose focus on the original idea and possibly delete some material that could be used later.

Not everything I write is actually contributing to a story, a poem or something like that, I’ve been writing things to ponder, words that stick out to me and sometimes emotions. But I won’t hold back from the pages of my notepad to the pages of my blog.

Permanent reminders.

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